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Interac e-transfer instruction to make donation to MCBC:

1. Select your own financial institution

2. Navigate to Interac e-transfer SEND money

3. Select the account you would like funds transferred from

4. Add Markham Chinese Baptist Church as the new recipient.

Please use the email address: offering@mcbc.com and the name, “Markham

Chinese Baptist Church” and re-confirm the email address

5. Under the message column, please put down:

  • Your name, address and your OFFERING NUMBER.

  • The amount and the split of the donation with the following format:

o General Fund: GXXX

o Mission Fund: MXXX

o Thanksgiving: TXXX

o Other: O000


(For example: Donation of $100 with $50 to general fund, $30

to mission and $20 to thanksgiving)

  • General Fund: G50

  • Mission Fund: M30

  • Thanksgiving: T20

TOTAL $100 (this total must match with the transferred amount)

If the split is not specified, all funds will go to General Fund

If you require an offering number or confirm your existing one, please email to


6. The church bank account is setup with an “Autodeposit” feature. No need

for any security question and answer.

7. You will receive an email confirmation from your own financial institution

that the money transfer was accepted by Markham Chinese Baptist Church

8. Your financial institution may charge a small fee for the interact e-transfer