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Church ministry development

According to insurance company’s requirement, church, in order to fulfil our due diligence in insurance responsibility and to ensure all brothers and sisters who serve in the Children and/or senior ministries are taken care of under church’s insurance policy while serving inside or outside church premises, church is obliged to make sure all brothers and sisters concerned have valid police record check reports. To accomplish this, the followings are a few alternative ways for brothers and sisters to obtain/provide valid police check reports:

1) brothers and sisters concerned can present their valid and readily available police record check reports, if any, to the designated responsible persons of their divisions or ministries for verification and record;

2) brothers and sisters concerned can apply for police check record in person at the law enforcement agencies of their respective residence address (e.g. York Regional Police, Toronto Police Service), then provide the original reports to the designated persons for record. Fees so incurred from the application will be reimbursed to brothers and sisters following appropriate accounting procedures;

3) brothers and sisters can apply for check reports via church. Persons are designated to coordinate the process in individual divisions or ministries. Brothers and sisters applying for the check are simply required to complete the application form, hand it to the respective designated persons who would then submit the application. Reports will be available within 24 hours. The whole process is simple and confidential. No copies of personal IDs of applying brothers and sisters is required.

Thank you very much for brothers’ and sisters’ understanding and cooperation. For further enquiries, please feel free to contact church admin office or pastoral staff.