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Children Sign In/Out System

According to the current children sign in/out procedures, all children of Grade 6 and below are required to be signed in and out by their parents or guardians who should get a sign-in label from the parents/guardians at the sign-in/-out desk. They need to present this label to pick up their children before leaving the church. All children unaccompanied by parents/guardians will not be allowed to join any church gatherings and activities including worships and Sunday School. If their parents/guardians are unable to be contacted upon completion of the gatherings, church may seek help from the police when necessary. In order to ensure children’s safety, parents please strictly adhere to these procedures. Also, in accordance with the requirements of the “Policies and Procedures for Church Building Use”, all children should not be left unattended and must be supervised by adult(s) at all times in any part of the building. Thank you very much for your cooperation!