Church Gathering Arrangements

and Pandemic Prevention Measures

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic, as ordered by Ontario’s Premier on March 17, 2020, the board of pastors and deacons and church council will immediately begin observing the following:

Updated April 10, 2020

Sunday Service Broadcast 

All in-person church gatherings and activities, including Sunday Service, all-age group Sunday school, children and youth worship, Fellowship and Small Groups gathering, choir and worship practice, prayer meetings, scouts meeting, outreach activities, gym activities, and congregation rentals will be suspended effective immediately until further notice.

Sunday Service will commence broadcasting at the designated times for all brothers and sisters to worship together. Broadcast links will be available by clicking on the buttons of the specific worship services on, videos will remain available for replay for the rest of the day.  Sermon audio recordings will also be available for review under Sunday Sermons of individual divisions’ web pages. Live streaming of the English worship service will be available at The weekly bulletin can also be downloaded at

  • Cantonese Morning Worship Service         8:00 AM (live); (re-broadcasting available after)          

  • English Worship Service                              9:30 AM (live); (re-broadcasting available after)        

  • Mandarin Worship Service                          9:30 AM (live); (re-broadcasting available after)

  • Cantonese Noon Worship Service              11:15 AM (re-broadcasting)           

Methods of Offering

Offering is a Christian's responsibility. We are able to continue serving you and serving our community through your generosity. Brothers and sisters can offer via:

  1. E-Transfer 

  2. Mailing in cheques to the church office (Please do not send cash)​​

Pastoral Caring and Shepherding

While all on-site gatherings are suspended during this period where all of us are engaged in combating the pandemic, pastoral shepherding continues.  Brothers and sisters, if you have any caring needs and/or prayer requests, feel free to contact any of our pastors in their respective divisions. We will do our best to render as much assistance and support we can.

Also, the church would like to recommend the following for your family's safety and well-being:

  1. If you or a family member exhibit any symptoms (cold, fever, cough, difficulty breathing, etc.), please contact your family physician immediately, or call Telehealth Ontario Hotline at                1-866-797-0000.

  2. If you or a family member have just returned from outside of Canada, or if you have out-of- country family, friends, or relatives, who have recently arrived to Canada, with you, please stay with your loved ones at home, and self-quarantine for 14 days.

  3. Please cancel all non-essential travel outside of Canada.

  4. Please regularly use water and soap or hand sanitizer with a high alcohol level to sanitize your hands.

  5. When coughing or sneezing, please cover your mouth and nose with your arm. Wear a mask if necessary.

  6. Smile, nod, or wave to greet one another; refrain from shaking hands.

  7. Earnestly pray for the Lord's mercy that the spread of the disease will be controlled; may the Lord heal the afflicted to have a full recovery, and may the Lord help those in times of trouble to overcome.


(These preventative measures are subject to change as the Canadian Government updates their recommendations. Please refer to the church's websites for the latest updates.)

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Sunday Service

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